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Dear colleagues,
The message<https://blogs.microsoft.com/eupolicy/2020/01/17/senior-gov-affairs-leaders-appointed-brussels-new-york/> from Microsoft might be of interest.

New Microsoft representation office to the UN in New York
Microsoft’s new representation office to the United Nations headquarters in New York will provide support for several Microsoft teams who work with the broader UN community on policy and business issues. Microsoft strongly supports the Sustainable Development Goals and has initiated numerous projects focusing on four SDGs<https://aka.ms/2019CSRReport> where the company can contribute most to advance towards these shared goals of quality education, decent work and economic growth, climate action as well as peace, justice and strong institutions.
As vice president of UN affairs, John Frank will establish a new representation office and lead a team that will focus on advancing Microsoft’s partnerships with the United Nations and its agencies, building relationships with UN representatives, identifying new opportunities for partnerships, building stronger connections between Microsoft and UN teams, advocating for the UN’s priorities within Microsoft, and working across the company to support Microsoft teams in their engagements and advocacy with the UN community.
“Microsoft’s commitment to addressing some of the biggest challenges facing the future of society inspires me. I look forward to helping the company engage more deeply and effectively with the United Nations community. Multi-stakeholder support and initiatives will be essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and advancing global solutions in many other areas. I am incredibly thankful for the past four years in Europe and the opportunity to represent Microsoft in the Brussels community and EU capitals on European public policy issues and initiatives important for our customers as well as Europe’s economic agenda and social values,” said John Frank.

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