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Flanagan, Sharon sflanagan at sidley.com
Thu Aug 6 10:01:13 UTC 2015

We can do it. Please send planner to me and Jim.


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Sorry for the late reply. In my view it will be helpful if you are available to present the memo and be in a position to deal with Q&Q at the 11h00 UTC call.
In fact, this is probably more important that the 14:00 call and will likely remove the need for the 14h00 call.

Please confirm if possible. I recognise that it’s an awful time of day for you.


From: Flanagan, Sharon [mailto:sflanagan at sidley.com]
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Hi All,

Could you please let us know if you would like us to attend the first call – the one at 11:00 UTC?   I am available, as is Jim Hitzeman, our trusts partner.  If you would like us to attend, could staff please send us the calendar appointment with dial in?

I will plan to be on the 14:00 UTC call.  If you would like to discuss the memo in detail, in particular the trust option, Jim should be included as well.

Best regards,


Sidley Austin LLP
sflanagan at sidley.com<mailto:sflanagan at sidley.com>

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Dear Client Committee,

We will have a call on Thursday at 14:00 UTC to discuss the legal input received and next steps. This call will follow a CWG-Stewardship call earlier in the day (at 11:00 UTC). The agenda for the CWG-Stewardship call includes a discussion of the memo that Sharon sent through yesterday.

The Chairs will confirm whether or not Holly, Josh, and Sharon are requested to attend the CWG-Stewardship call on Thursday at 11:00 UTC. If that is the case, we will forward you the invite and call details. In the meantime, please let us know if you would be available to attend the Thursday 11:00 UTC meeting to inform the Chairs’ decision.

Thank you,

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