[client com] Confirmation for Meeting on 9 July at 14:00 UTC

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To add a little more colour. We have a (first post BA) CWG call later in the day.


Rather than going to the CWG and discussing what instructions we should be giving to Sidley, we felt we could be better informed to ask that question if we took advantage of talking with Sidley first.


Broadly, there are three areas of interest:


1.      Potential for assistance with near-term work on intellectual property – IANA trademarks & domain names.

2.      Potential assistance with or co-ordination of any ICANN bylaws related work such that the CCWG Accountability work is sure to meet the requirement of the CWG Stewardship

3.      Considerations which will need to be given when contemplating any assistance (from Sidley) as the CWG (or a successor group) role in implementation becomes clearer.




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Dear all,


I will be available for the call.  Holly will be traveling.  I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow.


Best regards,




Sidley Austin LLP
sflanagan at sidley.com <mailto:sflanagan at sidley.com> 


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Dear all, 


On behalf of the Client Committee, I’d like to confirm the call tomorrow at 14:00 UTC. The call is expected to last only 30min and the purpose will be to debrief on the ICANN53 meeting and discuss prospective work for legal counsel. Since the call is mainly a debrief, only Sharon and Holly are requested in attendance. 


Thank you, 



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