[client com] Request for a quote on two tasks

Lise Fuhr lise.fuhr at difo.dk
Tue Jul 14 13:57:34 UTC 2015

Dear Sharon,


As we talked about during the Client Committee call last Thursday, we have
discussed with the CWG Sidley's eventual advice regarding two issues - IPR
and a matrix of the bylaws. The CWG agreed to request Sidley to give an
estimate of the hours needed in order to perform the two tasks:

1.       IPR - To conduct a stress-test approach regarding the IANA IPR
issue. This includes four aspects:

a.  Sidley should consult with ICANN Legal in order to obtain further
insight and background to the IPR issue. This can be done with the
involvement of other members of the CWG - like the Client Committee.
Furthermore CWG is considering involving other communities in this
fact-gathering exercise.

b. There appear to be three possible scenarios. IANA's IPR either:
(i) stays with ICANN; (ii) goes to PTI; or (iii) goes into trust (IETF,
mutual trust). 

c. What risks exist with each approach from a CWG-Stewardship perspective.
These need to be evaluated in view of ICANN's position and the proposal from
the other communities to determine what is optimal and/or acceptable. 

d. There are 3 trademarks involved: (i) "Internet Assigned Numbers
Authority," (ii) "IANA", and (iii) the IANA Logo, which consists of IANA in
stylized letters plus Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

2.       Matrix of the ICANN bylaws:

Create a matrix to help determine where the bylaws that are needed in
relation to the CWG proposal belong.  Identify which bylaws Sidley would
suggest that the CWG should draft (be in charge of having drafted), and
which bylaws drafted by the CCWG need to be signed off by the CWG. There
will be a part of the bylaws that are being prepared by the CCWG that have
no direct relationship to the CWG's work and these constitute a third


After receiving the quote, the Client Committee will evaluate the estimates
of the two tasks and get back to you.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get back to me.


Best regards,



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