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Good point Maarten. We will revise accordingly.

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Subject: Re: Summary Slides

Hi Holly,

Thank you for the draft set of slides that I think will be helpful to bring insight to the group and hopefully bring discussions further in the coming days.

I have two remarks:

  *   There is a lot of focus on the ‘contract co.’ solution which is understandable as that is the model the group started with and has been worked out by the CWG further than the other models. At the same time I seem to currently miss an overview slide on the accountability (golden bylaw, membership organisation) internal solution. Maybe it is a good idea to add one to give us all an overview of the possibilities and issues on this side of the spectrum.
  *   Given the importance of the legal advice and the necessity for all to be able to digest what will be presented, I am wondering how much time we will need to go through this in a way that is workable and effective. Something for Lise and Jonathan to coordinate but I do feel it to be important to make sure that everyone has a good understanding of this all when we leave Istanbul.

See you tomorrow,


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Subject: Summary Slides

Dear Members of the Client Committee,

Attached for your preliminary review please find a draft set of slides that summarize the information we provided in response  to the questions in the scoping document.  We have also included information that responds to questions posed more recently about the integrated/hybrid model  These slides could provide a framework for discussion in Istanbul of the legal issues implicated by the various models under consideration.    Please note the following:

•          These slides summarize the information provided in response to CWG’s first set of questions, but with the information  reordered along the lines of the proposals.
•          As with our preliminary responses, these slides summarize technical legal information in a generalized form in keeping with the general level of the questions posed. This information is provided for the benefit of the CWG, to help facilitate its consideration of the transition proposals that have been described to us, and should not be relied upon by any other persons or for any other purpose.

Please let us know if you would like any revisions regarding presentation style.  Also, we note that we did not receive any comments on the underlying document.

I look forward to seeing you in Istanbul.
Kind regards.



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