[client com] For Review -- Bylaw text for PTI Budget

Grace Abuhamad grace.abuhamad at icann.org
Thu Apr 7 21:31:30 UTC 2016

Dear all, 

Following the DT-O call earlier this week, Chuck requested feedback from Sidley on the Bylaw text for PTI Budget. The outcome, including an edit from Greg Shatan, was approved by DT-O today:  

“To maintain ongoing operational excellence and financial stability of the IANA functions (so long as they are performed by ICANN or pursuant to contract with ICANN) and PTI, ICANN shall be required to plan for and allocate funds to the IANA functions and PTI, as applicable, that are sufficient to cover the future expenses and contingencies to ensure uninterrupted performance of those IANA functions and PTI in the future”

Action for DT-O: please review and approve this text within the next 24 hours. 

Action for Client Committee: please confirm that this text has been ‘blessed' by our legal counsel. 

Action for Chuck (or staff): please forward this text to the full CWG-Stewardship once the two actions above have been completed.  

Thank you, 

Grace Abuhamad
Manager, Public Policy

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