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Thank-you Amy


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Subject: RE: [client com] PTI Articles, Bylaws and Other Governance




Attached please find the following documents: 

*        CWG comment letter on the PTI articles (in .doc and .pdf formats)

*        Exhibit A to the comment letter on the PTI articles (in .doc and
.pdf formats)


Please let us know if you need anything further.








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From: Jonathan Robinson [mailto:jrobinson at afilias.info] 
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Cc: Greeley, Amy E.; Hofheimer, Joshua T.; Grapsas, Rebecca
Subject: RE: [client com] PTI Articles, Bylaws and Other Governance


Sharon / Josh / Rebecca,


The CWG agreed the text of the comment letter on the PTI Articles yesterday.


I was planning to submit this today on behalf of the Co-Chairs and the CWG
but I realise (or believe) I only have a redline, .pdf copy.


Please can you provide a clean copy in .doc and .pdf formats as soon as







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Subject: [client com] PTI Articles, Bylaws and Other Governance Documents


Dear Client Committee,


Attached please find drafts of the comment letter to the PTI articles and
the comment letter to the PTI bylaws.  Both of these documents cover the
topics we have discussed and reflect the input of CWG from the prior CWG
calls.  The PTI articles comment letter is due July 31.  We have more time
on the bylaws comment letter which is not due until August 11.  


As I mentioned, I cannot join the call tomorrow, which I understand is
primarily focused on the naming contract.  However, below is a brief update
on the PTI governance documents:


1.  PTI articles and bylaws - draft comment letters attached.  The open
point in the PTI articles letter is whether the principal office location
should be moved to the articles and therefore be subject to EC
approval/rejection process.  The open points in the PTI bylaws letter are
Annex C and the input from DT-O on budget timing.


2.  PTI governance documents - we received revisions back from ICANN last
night and are reviewing.  We will discuss with ICANN legal and then report
back on whether there remain any open points after that discussion.


Best regards,




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