[client com] CWG Comment Letter - PTI Governance Documents

Lise Fuhr Fuhr at etno.eu
Thu Aug 4 10:15:32 UTC 2016

Hi Sharon and Rebecca,

Thank you for sending the draft comment letter. I have one question to the original COI article 4.1. Why is this deleted? In case there will be a compensation at a later stage isn’t this a nice to have the article even though it seems redundant at the moment?


Section 4.1. A Director who receives Compensation, directly or indirectly, from PTI for
services may not vote on matters pertaining to the Director’s Compensation.
Section 4.2.Section 4.1. A Director may not vote on matters pertaining to Compensation
received, directly or indirectly, from PTI by a member of the Director’s Family or by an
individual with whom a Director has a close personal relationship, including, but not
limited to, any relationship other than kinship, spousal or spousal equivalent that
establishes a significant personal bond between the Director and such other individual
that in the judgment of the Board could impair the Director’s ability to act fairly and
independently and in a manner that furthers, or is not opposed to, the best interests of
Section 4.3.Section 4.2. No Covered Person who receives Compensation, directly or
indirectly, from PTI, either individually or collectively, is prohibited from providing
information to the Board regarding the Covered Person’s Compensation.

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Dear Client Committee,

At Sharon’s request, attached please find a draft of the comment letter to the PTI governance documents and our comments on those documents.

The comment letter is due August 7.

Best regards,



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