[client com] CWG Meeting Today - 04 August 2016

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Thu Aug 4 10:45:24 UTC 2016

Dear Sharon & Josh,


Please see below for the agenda of today's meeting which I will chair.


Confirming that we would like your assistance with the following items:


-        PTI Governance Documents 

o   Brief review of CWG comment letter

-        Naming Functions Agreement 

o   ICANN to discuss incorporation of Annex C

o   Assistance / comment on any other open issues

-        PTI Bylaws

o   Review / Finalise CWG comment letter

-        IANA IPR

o   Summary of status quo

o   Focus on 6 key points note 


Any questions or issues, please revert.


The call is scheduled for 19h00 UTC today, 4th August.










1. Status Update (Chairs)

2. Implementation Update

*        Staff update

*        DT-A/ Names SLEs update (Paul Kane)

*        DT-O update on PTI budget  (Chuck Gomes)

3. Key Issues (with Sidley)

*        PTI Articles of Incorporation

*        PTI Governance Documents

-        Conflict of Interest Policy

-        Board Code of Conduct

-        Expected Standard of Behavior

*        Naming Functions Agreement (including Annex C?)

*        PTI Bylaws 

*        Services Agreement (headers now available)

*        IANA IPR

4. Client Committee

5. AOB


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