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Jari Arkko response to comments.
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Date: Mon, Aug 8, 2016 at 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: [CWG-Stewardship] Revised Community Agreement Draft: 08-05-2016
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First, I wanted to agree with Andrew as he wrote:

> Full disclosure: I'm a trustee and part of the group that is
> negotiating this agreement on behalf of the IETF Trust.
> I want first of all to agree in general with Greg's responses.  But I
> also implore people to think very hard about fussing with the text
> from the lawyers when the CWG negotiating team brings it to you.  We
> really only have a few days to do this.  These agreements need to go
> out to public comment before ICANN prepares its report for NTIA.  That
> happens Friday, so comment needs to start on Thursday.  If we miss
> this window, then the IPR piece (which is a prerequisite for the
> transition) will not be complete in NTIA's evaluation, and they may
> decide to renew the IANA contract.  In effect, we have to be done
> everything but document preparation on Wednesday.
> It would be a terrible shame if the transition fell apart on a small
> matter like the IPR.  I believe the better thing to ask in every case
> is not whether something is exactly the way you would do it, but
> whether it is something you can live with.  If the answer is, "Yes," I
> would encourage you to say so.

And all of that is very important.

I would also like to add the point that we need the contracts to be ready
enough that are in principle in good shape and broadly acceptable, but we
*do* have a public comment period which enables further adjustment as
needed, from CWG and others. If people can think about their further
comments also in this light, that would be helpful.



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