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Client Committee,

Here are a few changes I suggested based on the draft circulated most

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I have a few changes and comments in the attached.  Most, if not all,
should be noncontroversial.  They are marked in track changes on top of
Jorge's changes, along with a couple of marginal comments (i.e., appearing
in the margin, not necessarily of marginal value).


On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 1:38 AM, Alan Barrett <alan.barrett at afrinic.net>

> > On 10 Aug 2016, at 05:41, Jorge Contreras <contreraslegal at att.net>
> wrote:
> >
> > All – here is a revised version of the Community Agreement reflecting
> feedback from our Monday call, as well as separate comments received from
> CWG and IETF.  I hope that I have reflected everything accurately, and look
> forward to discussing any final changes before public release tomorrow.
> I have just noticed that the list of domain names in this Community
> Agreement document includes only iana.com, iana.net, and iana.org, but
> some other documents included “internetassignednumbersauthority” domain
> names.  I suggest that the lists in all document should be identical.
> Alan Barrett
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