[client com] Chairs' version of the CWG Call Agenda (18 Aug @ 06:00 UTC)

Yuko Green yuko.green at icann.org
Wed Aug 17 16:56:54 UTC 2016

Dear Sharon,


On behalf of Jonathan, please find annotated chairs' version of the CWG call
agenda that is not for the general circulation. This is for the CWG call on
18 August at 06:00 UTC.


1.       Status Update (Chairs)

*         CWG chairs submitted comment letter.

*         Client committee asked Sidley to look into Community agreement
signatory party.

*         NTIA received  implementation report and responded

*         IANA IPR agreements posted for public comment


2.       Implementation Update

*         Staff update (overall update)

*         NTIA implementation report (received and responded)


3.       Key Issues (with Sidley)

*         PTI Bylaws (PC ended on 8/11)

o   update on staff analysis of public comments (staff)

*         Naming Functions Agreement (out for public comment until 9/9)

o   ICANN working directly with Sidley

o   Summary of how Sidley's comments were incorporated (staff)

o   ICANN response to PK/BB/SD (staff)

o   Anticipate possible CWG submission to public comment pending
Sidley/ICANN negotiation

*         Services Agreement (1st draft circulated to CWG on 8/12)

o   ICANN working directly with Sidley

o   Pending Sidley's inputs

*         IANA IPR (agreements out for PC on 8/11)

o   signatory to the community agreement? (Sidley)

o   ICANN as signatory?

*  . ICANN's willingness?

*  . constraints and issues for ICANN as signatory?

*         IANA Budget process and assessment

o   brief review of proposed process

o   CWG comments/inputs?


4.       Client Committee

*         Note instruction on signatory to the community agreement


5.       AOB





Yuko Green

Strategic Programs Manager

Global Domains Division

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)


Direct Line:  +1 310 578 8693

Mobile: +1 310 745 1517

E-mail:   <mailto:yuko.green at icann.org> yuko.green at icann.org

 <http://www.icann.org/> www.icann.org


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