[client com] FW: CWG Stewardship Dependency on CCWG Accountability - Process & Timing

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Mon Feb 15 08:53:30 UTC 2016

Dear Sharon,


Please see below for a note sent Friday 12 February to the CWG Stewardship
regarding timing for the certification of dependencies on the CCWG
Stewardship Proposal.


In essence, our question to you is; Will it be possible for you to produce a
revised / updated version of the attached letter by the end of the day (say
23h59 UTC) on Friday 19 February (to be ultimately sent to both the CCWG
Accountability and the CWG Stewardship Chartering Organisations)?


Assuming the above is possible, we (the CWG Stewardship) will then review
the updated version and comment by 23h59 UTC on Monday. We will then ask you
for a final revision (if required) and then proceed to sign-off on the final
version of the letter on 25 February.


Thank-you for your assistance on this.


Jonathan Robinson & Lise Fuhr

For and on behalf of the CWG Stewardship


From: Jonathan Robinson [mailto:jrobinson at afilias.info] 
Sent: 12 February 2016 14:35
To: cwg-stewardship at icann.org
Cc: 'Lise Fuhr' <fuhr at etno.eu>
Subject: CWG Stewardship Dependency on CCWG Accountability - Process &




An update on process and timing regarding our work on the CWG Stewardship
Dependency on CCWG Accountability.


*        CWG Accountability plans to publish their draft Supplementary
Proposal to the CCWG on 16 February 2016.


*        Following that, the CCWG plan is to distribute the Supplementary
Proposal to the Chartering Organisations on 18 February.


*        The CCWG and the Chartering Organisations will reasonably expect us
- the CWG Stewardship - to confirm ASAP that the conditionality we defined
has been met.


*        When CCWG published their previous version - the third Draft
Proposal - we (with the assistance of Sidley Austin) sent a detailed
response (attached for reference).


*        This detailed response now needs updating to reflect the changes
that have since been made in the Supplementary Proposal and the Client
Committee will ask Sidley to undertake that work.


*        Accordingly, we expect to have an up-to-date response (to the CCWG
Supplementary Proposal) prepared by Sidley for final review by this group as
close to the 18 February publication of the CCWG Supplementary Proposal as


*        Please be on the lookout for this response (currently anticipated
to be Fri 19 February) and be prepared to offer any feedback immediately and
no later than 23h59 UTC on Mon 22 February.


*        Lise and I will then ensure that the final response is communicated
to the CCWG, the Chartering Organisations and, of course, the ICG on or
around 23 February.


Any concerns, questions or issues arising, please let us know ASAP.






Jonathan & Lise

CWG Stewardship Co-Chairs


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