[client com] Meeting on July 7th at 7AM Pacific

Gregory, Holly holly.gregory at sidley.com
Wed Jul 6 13:54:41 UTC 2016

I have it on the calendar for 10:30 eastern; 7:30 am pacific.  If the time has changed, Grace, will you be circulating a revised invitation?

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Our meeting for tomorrow is now scheduled.

I propose the following agenda:

1.      Discussion of “Proposed Principal Terms of IANA Intellectual Property Agreements”

2.      Update on PTI Articles & Bylaws work in progress

3.      AOB

The primary objective being to review the IANA IPR issues.

Please let me know if anything is missing or should be touch on.


Jonathan (in consultation with Lise)

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Subject: [client com] Meeting on July 7th at 7AM Pacific

Dear Sharon and Josh,

Are you available for a Client Committee meeting on July 7th at 7AM Pacific? If so, I will proceed to schedule the call.

Thank you,

Grace Abuhamad
Manager, Public Policy

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