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Dear all,

Just checking back on next steps.

Kind regards,


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Subject: Fw: Proposed PTI Bylaws - For discussion
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Dear all-

Attached are revised draft PTI bylaws that we received from ICANN legal yesterday. We understand the redline is marked against our May draft. ICANN legal has asked to discuss the attached with us on Tuesday. We will revert to you after that call.

We also received a draft of the PTI Articles yesterday and provided minor comments which we will forward under separate cover.

Kind regards,

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Subject: Proposed PTI Bylaws - For discussion

Hi Sharon, Holly and Rebecca -

Attached is a clean and redline version of the PTI Bylaws, working off of the edits that Sidley provided and then the responses worked through with the CWG.  The redline is to the document that Sidley circulated to the CWG in May.

Please note that our CFO is in active discussion with the DT-O (including Chuck Gomes) on the budget process, so we do not have final text for that yet.  Please consider the text on budget as placeholder for the time being.

When we talk on Tuesday, we look forward to discussing the Annex C7/C8 proposals with you.



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