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Apologies for the slow response on this. There are challenges of workload and our ability to give instructions based on CWG direction.


My personal view is that your suggested next steps look sensible and we are likely to follow a course along those lines.

In the first instance, it will be helpful to describe the key open issues to the CWG today so that the group is informed and able to provide informed input thereafter.


We will seek client committee instructions on the call today.






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Dear All,


Update on PTI Bylaws:


We have been working with ICANN legal on revisions to the PTI bylaws based on the input we have received from CWG.  We had a call with ICANN legal on Friday afternoon and we circulated a revised draft of the PTI bylaws to ICANN legal on Saturday.  On Sunday, ICANN legal circulated a further revised draft (marked to show changes from the Sidley draft), which is attached.  


We understand that ICANN legal plans to post the draft PTI bylaws for comment early this week notwithstanding the fact that there are open issues in the draft based on the CWG input we have received to date.  ICANN legal is suggesting that CWG can continue to raise its comments through the public comment period.


Governance Chart:


ICANN legal has also circulated a chart of certain governance provisions included in the PTI bylaws that are not directly addressed in the CWG proposal.  We have annotated that chart with a column with our comments on those points.  While the details of the PTI bylaws were not specified in the CWG proposal, we believe the approach being taken by CWG in the PTI bylaws on these governance matters is consistent with the intent of the CWG proposal.


Annex C:  


In addition, we previously circulated a chart prepared by ICANN legal on their concerns with the incorporation of the Annex C provisions of the CWG proposal into the PTI bylaws.  We have reattached that chart for your reference.  The draft PTI bylaws circulated by ICANN legal do not include the Annex C language; instead the draft includes two paragraphs that ICANN legal included to address certain principles from Annex C.    


Next steps:


Please let us know if you would like to discuss any of these items or if you would like us to summarize/map out the open issues.  We can also be available to assist in the preparation of a comment letter from CWG assuming that ICANN posts this version of the PTI bylaws where open issues remain.


Kind regards,





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