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In advance of the CWG call today, I wanted to address the question raised by Sidley in the applicability of the Expected Standards of Behavior as a whole, as well as provisions addressing behavior at meetings. First, NTIA recommended as part of its evaluation of the reports, as a "yellow" item, that PTI have documentation such as the Expected Standards to mirror the ethics practices in place at ICANN. Second, while PTI is not envisioned to have public meetings like ICANN, there will be meetings relating to the activities of PTI, such as the CSC, IFRT, etc. there will be unique points of interaction with the PTI staff, and activities where people are coming together and making recommendations, though not the normal policy work of PTI.



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Dear Client Committee,

Attached are our comments on the PTI governance documents, marked against the drafts circulated by ICANN.

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<Change-Pro Redline - Draft PTI Board of Directors' Code of Conduct - Dra....pdf>
<Change-Pro Redline - Draft PTI Expected Standards of Behavior - Draft Po....pdf>
<Change-Pro Redline - Draft PTI Conflicts of Interest Policy - Draft Post....pdf>
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