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Of course, Sidley will take direction from the Client Committee, but my recommendation would be to have an internal meeting first in order to prepare, and then the meeting with the IETF Trust.  I can be available on Monday at any time other than 8:30-9:30 a.m. pacific time (15:30-16:30 UTC).

We will circulate the Issues List shortly.


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We need to decide whether a call tomorrow is too soon, given that we have not had time to confer on the materials received Saturday.  If it is too soon we need to say so now.

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Since the beginning of the week is approaching fast, I think it is better for us to fix the times. I’ll take initiative and pick the following times:

Monday 1st Aug 1200-1300 pacific (2100-2200 cet)
Wednesday 3rd Aug 1300-1500 pacific (2200-2400 cet)

We talked about allocating more than an hour, and this is now three and on two separate days. If we’re done early, we can always cancel the other slot or shorten it, but I think it is better to put these into people’s calendars right now.

We could use the regular call-in service, but if that is not setup soon, Alissa has promised to send webex details later today.


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