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This is terrific news of another milestone met.  Congratulations to all!

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Subject: FW: NTIA approves internet oversight plan

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Subject: NTIA approves internet oversight plan

By Kate Tummarello and Li Zhou

06/09/2016 10:42 AM EDT

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration announced today that it has approved a proposal to have the U.S. government step back from its oversight role of the domain name system, beginning the final stages of a transition that was announced to both cheers and criticism in 2014.

According to NTIA Administrator Larry Strickling, the proposal to hand off the oversight role of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority to ICANN meets the requirements his agency laid out, including that it "maintains the security, stability and resiliency of the internet," maintains the open internet and does not replace the U.S. government's current role with a government or inter-governmental organization.

NTIA is also directing ICANN to complete technical testing to show the organization can directly communicate with Verisign to safely make changes to root zone file. According to Strickling, they are 60 days into the testing with no errors.

NTIA gave ICANN until Aug. 12 to report back on progress, seven weeks before the U.S. government's current contract with the organization expires. "We will make an evaluation in early August as to whether or not any extension of that contract will be necessary," Strickling said.

Strickling also said the NTIA will continue briefing lawmakers and staffers on the Hill, including as the House considers an appropriations rider that would prohibit the oversight transition during the next fiscal year. "We are working with Congress and want to get them comfortable with our assessment of the plan," he said.

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