[CWG-Stewardship] Principles: Capture

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In my mind, abstentions or a lack of participation based on free 
choice would be a willful decision not to participate in a decision 
and would not contribute to capture. Being prevented from 
participating would qualify. Capture could also be effected by design 
of the process. For instance, if the workload of MRT participants 
approaches a full-time job, or if there are requirements for 
participants to provide significant travel or other funds, those 
actively participating would be limited to those who could make such 
a contribution and would likely exclude significant stakeholders who 
did not have the financial resources to fund the operation.


At 06/01/2015 03:11 AM, Martin Boyle wrote:
>Thanks Alan, that is helpful.
>Just so I am sure that I understand the implications correctly, what 
>we are saying is that there needs to be a positive engagement to 
>support any particular outcome or decision or direction of 
>travel.  Limited response and abstentions (unless because of 
>conflict of interest, I suppose) would be a measure of capture.
>Obviously the principles are not the place to set markers, but your 
>draft footnote would at least give a measureable basis for capture 
>that might need to be addressed in the final proposal.
>Thanks for your proposal.  I'd welcome any comments on it from other 
>participants or members of the CWG.
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>A long time ago, I said I would come up with a footnote for the 
>Principles document that defined Capture.
>"A group can be considered captured when one or more stakeholders 
>are able to effectively control outcomes despite lack of agreement 
>from other stakeholders who nominally should be able to drive consensus.
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