[CWG-Stewardship] RFP 3 Sub-Group (AKA RFP 3b) - CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Fri Jan 9 14:50:12 UTC 2015

One of the advantages of a subgroup devoted to an internal solution is that work on the mainstream proposal (an external solution, which enjoyed the most support in the public comment period) can proceed more expeditiously. Therefore I would like to know the agenda for the two calls tomorrow. My understanding is that those calls should be devoted to improving and revising the external proposal based on the survey results.

I think when this "intensive work weekend" was originally scheduled, we assumed that the CWG would be finalizing its proposal and would need that much time to iron out the differences in a way that had consensus. It is clear that we are not there yet, so I would hope that this time would be productively used to improve the mainstream proposal while the subgroup simultaneously develops an alternative internal proposal.


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Please note this urgent call for volunteers for a sub-group of RFP3.

The sub-group is  required to work together to further develop a variant proposal for the CWG which takes account of proposals and comments received by the CWG, particularly as they relate to a so-called "internal to ICANN" option or variant to the original draft proposal of the CWG.

Allan Mc Gillivray has offered to assist with co-ordination of the group and it will need a committed team to work with Allan in short order to make the requisite progress.


CWG Co-chair

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