[CWG-Stewardship] Notes from Meeting #2 - please review by Sunday 11 January at 11.00 UTC

Marika Konings marika.konings at icann.org
Sat Jan 10 22:00:50 UTC 2015

Dear All,

Please find below the notes concerning CSC and MRT from today's meeting. If you have any comments / edits, please share these with the mailing list by Sunday 11 January at 11.00 UTC at the latest.

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CSC - Green areas (areas of convergence)

Remit / function
a. There should be a CSC to carry out the tasks as defined the CWG Draft Proposal (question 1a of survey)
b. The role of the CSC should be focused on service level commitments performance indicators and quality assurance (question 13 of survey)
c. Periodic review of initial and future service level agreements (and a bi-lateral mechanic to bind IANA Function to those)
d. Publication of QA and performance indicators, receiving reports from the IANA Functions Operator (possibly redacted if appropriate)
e. Escalation power to MRT
f. Dealing with issues in the aggregate (individual issues to be raised directly by users - see g.)

g. Users should have the opportunity to go directly to the IANA functions operator rather than being required to go via an intermediary (question 10, 11 and 12 of survey)
h. The CSC should have a continuous existence (question 8 of survey)
i. The CSC membership should primarily consists of ccTLD and gTLD registry operators with related experts (question 4 of survey)
j. Members should have staggered terms to provide continuity (question 9 of survey)
k. Consider CSC as a sub-set of the MRT (e.g. like executive / non-executive board, could meet periodicially, corralation of activities)
l. Selection process needs to be defined (knowledge and skill component will be key), incl. how many members and how/who makes the selection (see for example SSAC membership application and review process). Terms should be defined.
m. General conflict of interest arrangements (e.g. registry involved in a delegation / redelegation action that is under consideration by CSC must recuse themselves from the discussion)

Lines of reporting
n. Principle of subsidiarity (solve issue at the lowest level before escalating)
o. Detail on issues of confidentiality need to be specified

MRT - Green areas (areas of convergence)

Lines of reporting
a. The MRT should not recreate another ICANN (question 6 of the survey)

b. Adequate care should be taken to restrict the growth dynamics of the MRT (question 7 of the survey)

c. There should be multistakeholder representation on the MRT (question 8 of the survey)
d. Members should have staggered terms to provide continuity (question of 18 of the survey)
e. The term length of MRT members should be limited to two full contract cycles (question 22 of the survey). Refinement of term and term-limits needed.

Initial Consideration of MRT's Functions (from the public consultation document):

  *   Issue instructions (to Contract Co. if formed) (see also tie with RFP4)
  *   Meet annually to review overall IANA Functions Operator performance
  *   Annual IANA Budget Review
  *   Address any escalation issues raised by the CSC
  *   Perform certain elements of administration currently set forth in the IANA Functions Contract and currently being carried out by the NTIA
  *   (Suggestion from Elise) Address any issue within their mandate as reviewing the IANA function operator
  *   Annual review of key performance indicators
  *   Platform for broader engagement with the community
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