[CWG-Stewardship] Draft Scope Document for Legal Counsel

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In terms of requesting legal advice, how would ICA differ from Contract Co.?


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Thanks Greg

May I also suggest a 3rd option..... 

I understand Contract Co (but fear it may become far too complicated for a simple task); I understand internal to ICANN (but feat too many functions at a centralised ICANN subject to capture, manipulation with limited ways to guaranteeing quality of service). 

May I propose an Internet Community Association (ICA).

The ICA could be a light weight, with a specific very limited purpose to award the IANA Root Zone Management MoU to that entity that can best serve technical requirements of the Registry operators (ccTLDs and gTLDs).

It is assumed that the current IANA operator will be the first party to be awarded the IANA MoU and should the current operator (ab)use its position to the detriment of one or more Registry Operators (as determined by X (CSC, MRT, external party) then such determination will trigger a process to find a new IANA Root Zone Management.



Quoting "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes at verisign.com>:

> It looks pretty good to me Greg.  We could certainly ask more 
> questions but I think this is a good start and you left the door open 
> for more questions.  If you haven’t already done it, I think you 
> should have Sam evaluate whether she thinks it provides enough 
> information for us to move forward.  Any potential legal experts will of course of more questions.
> The edits I proposed are all very minor.
> Chuck
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> All:
> Attached is a draft scope document intended to refine our request for 
> independent legal counsel.  Your comments would be most appreciated at 
> the soonest time.
> Greg

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