[CWG-Stewardship] Updated revision of the accountability dependencies

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Sun Jan 18 10:38:46 UTC 2015

Thanks Avri, Chuck and others.


I have provided some minor tweaks / edits.


Avri, I suspect that you are now in Frankfurt. Please confirm as to whether
or not this has been distributed to the CCWG?

If not, I suggest we agree a deadline – midday UTC today? And then Lise or
myself transmit it to the ICG via the chairs.


Alternatively, it can be transmitted via you (please remind me if you have a
“formal” role of liaison between the groups?)




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Hi Avri,

Thanks for this useful work. This is a great starter of a concrete
discussion about the inter relation between CWG and CCWG

I have provided several comments in the Google Docs to anticipate questions
that the CCWG might have while reading it. This is in the hope to spare us
some back and forth later. 

I think it will be quite important to demonstrate :
- how these topics relate to IANA accountability issues on the one side (to
provide the CCWG with context), 
- and why they could (or should) not be dealt with as IANA specific
accountability mechanisms. 

I look forward to looking at this in more details in Frankfurt. 


Le 17/01/2015 17:33, Avri Doria a écrit :


I have attached a snapshot of the Accountability dependency doc found at:

I have noticed a fair number of people checking it out, but very few making
comments.  This version is the result of Chuck's and my edits trying to make
sure we captured issues that had been raised.  It is only a snapshot revison
as there is recognition that as we dig deeper in the proposed solution we
may find other dependency issues.

Want to make sure that those who will not or can not use Drive docs would
still have a chance to view it before it was sent to CCWG-Accountability.  I
have attached several versions {docx, odt, pdf}

I am in the Dulles airport for the next 5 hours on my way to Frankfurt for
the CCWG meeting.  I would like to send it out to them before I take off if
at all possible.

I would also make me feel more comfortable to have at least one of the co-
chairs give leave to send this to CCWG before doing so, but given that it is
the weekend and that the Accountability meeting is on Monday, am loathe to
wait too long.  the co-chairs, have incidentally had full edit access to the
document, but they have not taken advantage, not that they needed to.

I will add header and footer for proper presentation before sending it.



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