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That’s what I would expect Greg.


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Thanks for your input.  It's fairly common for one legal expert to coordinate and draw upon expertise in his/her own law firm (including other offices of that law firm), and if the expertise is not available within the firm, to coordinate obtaining advice from the requisite experts in other legal fields/jurisdictions.

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I suggested several edits that I think are very minor.  I added a comment asking what question 3 means in the list of key elements: “How to maintain documentation of ICANN’s obligations as the IANA Functions Operator?”

Another question  I have is whether it is realistic to expect that one legal expert would have all the expertise that will be needed.  I think we definitely need legal expertise regarding CA non-profit law. But we also need international legal expertise, trust expertise, etc.  To deal with this I suggested a couple minor edits that avoided making it look like we are looking for one expert.  Obviously, if we can find one expert that is independent and has all the expertise needed, that would be great, but that may not be possible.


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Made a few edit on the draft...

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This document has now been extensively revised.  Most earlier "suggestions" have been "accepted into the document.  A few have been left open for further consideration.  There are also a number of new changes and additions.  Please review as soon as possible, as i would like to put this document largely to rest by 20:00 UTC Tuesday.
Here is the link.  Please make sure to make your changes in "suggesting" or "comments" mode, not "editing" mode. Thanks!


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