[CWG-Stewardship] Chart on CWG link with CCWG on Accountability (UPDATED)

Jonathan Robinson jrobinson at afilias.info
Mon Jan 19 21:29:50 UTC 2015



In reviewing the flow-chart, I felt it could do with some revisions as I
have commented on a number of occasions. 


Most strikingly, the phrase "conditional accountability" has been causing
some issues in that it's not clear what this means, especially to the CCWG
on Accountability, as was evidenced by reference to it on various occasions
during their face-to-face meeting today.  What I understand that we mean by
"conditional accountability" is that we view our proposal is conditional on
specific accountability measures being put in place.


Please see below for a summary of the changes which are encapsulated in the
updated flow chart. 


The changes in the attached are as follows:

*	Changed 'final proposal identifying conditional accountability
requirements' to 'final conditional proposal identifying accountability
*	Added dotted line and dotted box to indicate that CWG-IANA would
communicate to CCWG-Accountability in case it considers that accountability
requirements are not met
*	Updated (in bold) that chartering organisations would consider and
approve (or not) work stream 1 recommendations and confirm whether
accountability requirements have been met (or not)
*	Updated (in bold) that the ICG would receive communication from
chartering organisations / CWG-IANA

As ever, any comments or incremental improvements / developments welcome.





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Please see attached for a draft / proposal for the mechanics and flow of
linking the work of this CWG with that of the CCWG on Accountability.


As you know, this is a critical area of our work. Accordingly, this chart is
provided to facilitate discussion on the subject and to assist us in getting
to a common CWG view of the linkage and relationship.





Jonathan & Lise


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