[CWG-Stewardship] Notes, Recordings, Transcript CWG IANA 22 January 11:00 UTC

Brenda Brewer brenda.brewer at icann.org
Thu Jan 22 13:11:05 UTC 2015

Dear all, 


The notes, recordings and transcripts for the CWG IANA Call on 22 January are available here:


Notes 1/22: 

 1. Welcome & Roll Call

Audio-only: none

ICG recognizes that CWG work is complex, but it is critical that we produce a new and revised

 2. Status Updates      

 RFP3 -- Greg Shatan

*       Completed structural analysis of CSC on call this week (Monday)

*       "Sticky point" was composition of CSC: some convergence on how you would structure something
that was primarily registries but would have a multistakeholder component. 

*       Representative/Liaison from non-registry community that would have a formal role (could
vote) on CSC and also link to MRT. 

RFP 3B -- Allan MacGillivray

*       One meeting to date. RFP 3B meeting this week is Friday at 14:00 UTC. 

*       auDA submitted alternative proposal 

RFP 4 -- Robert Guerra 

No update since last call

 RFP 5 (postponed until after ICANN52) 

 CCWG-Accountability -- Avri Doria

*       Started the meeting by asking Avri to discuss the note/issues that were sent to them. 

*       Started looking at which issues belonged in WS1 and WS2

*       2nd day was more focused on WS1 -- there is a set of items that has been outlined (not yet
final -- decision in progress)

*       Budget issues, for example, will be looked at, but the CWG may want to pursue specific
aspects itself. 

*       Appeal is important but will be further discussed

*       Is there sufficient clarity? Yes, but need to keep channel open as the group's work

3. Legal Brief 

*       Good part of document is educational (intended to provide update to attorney who may assist
the group); the rest is a list of questions. 

*       Funded by ICANN

*       Need volunteers to form client committee to interact with lawyers (legal background is
suggested). This committee will include Greg and co-Chairs.

*       Need to start identifying firms that could assist.

*       As part of our overall timeline, need to confirm the timing of the procurement process (if

4. Looking Ahead & Timeline

*       Pressing requirement to develop a new timeline (not only because of ICG request, but also
for good management)

*       Revised version on Flowchart -- loop with CCWG to confirm that their WS1 proposal would meet
requirements in CWG conditional proposal. Idea is to respect the role of chartering orgs and CCWG.
Also will have feedback loop.

5. Plan for ICANN 52 (Singapore)

Webinars ahead of Singapore (ICANN 52)? (no objections)

Discussion Draft (areas of convergence, areas of divergence, and key questions to be answered)

        CWG-Stewardship Sessions Scheduled for ICANN 52


*       Working Meeting on Wednesday at 17:15 

*       Question & Answers Session on Thursday at 10:30 

Singapore Schedule:  <http://singapore52.icann.org/en/schedule-full>

 6. Review of Action Items

*       Avri: live action item to continue this work of refining list of issues, especially as work
progresses in both groups. 

*       Chairs: ensure that the document is clear enough with the CCWG chairs

*       Greg: put out call for volunteers to join "client committee"

*       Greg: collect suggestions for counsel 

*       Chairs: ensure close link with CCWG on legal advice

*       Chairs: confirm timeline and process for selecting and engaging lawfirm as part of overall

*       Chairs: develop a timeline for review by 29 January (next meeting)

*       Grace: clarify session descriptions in ICANN52 schedule

7. AOB


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