[CWG-Stewardship] Do we need an extra scenario given the requirements formulated by the CCWG-Accountability ?

Maarten Simon maarten.simon at sidn.nl
Mon Jan 26 09:18:06 UTC 2015


I have read the CCWG-Accountability Chairs’ statement and wonder if we should not also discuss a scenario for the situation where the CCWG-Accountability will be successful in reaching their first requirement:

“Enabling community empowerment over ICANN Board decisions with limited, strictly enumerated, last resort powers;"

As far as I understand, these last resort powers are meant to include the powers with regard to the IANA functions. I figure that if the community will already have the final say over the IANA functions through these last resort powers, that:

1. There will be no need for an external solution where the same community will be given the final say over the IANA functions;

2. There is no need for an MRT;

3. There might be a need for a CSC (maybe a CSC plus);

But maybe I am oversimplifying things here ?


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