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Paul asked me to provide an update as to SLE development processes.


Kim, Bernie, and I have been meeting on weekly basis at a minimum, and have
had candidate and constructive working sessions.  We have worked through
what constitutes our scope, the process, transparency methods, and  are now
addressing the specific performance pieces and formats.  The difficulty of
any such process is the balance between providing full
transparency/accountability without burdening the system with excessive


I have intentionally not included an updated copy, as  it has been a very
fluid document (process).  We have not been far apart on the needs and wants
of both the customer and IANA.  There is good forward momentum, and this
process should be complete within the next couple of weeks.  At such time,
we will present the technical framework of the SLE.  In the meantime, if you
have any specific questions, I would ask that you please direct them to Paul
or Bernie.


All the best,






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