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This excellent stuff -  could we use it in the official FAQ once updayed?


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> Thanks Kim, very useful.
> > On 22/06/2015, at 4:06 pm, Kim Davies <kim.davies at icann.org> wrote:
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> > Hi Jay,
> >
> > No strong concerns about the FAQ (some of it relates to DT-A’s opinions,
> and I can’t really comment on that), but some comments inline for what they
> are worth.
> >
> >> Q:  Does the DT-A team have an agenda here, such as forcing through the
> automation of IANA?
> >>
> >> A:  No. The team has taken the view from the outset that it is not our
> role to change the processes in any way.  IANA have already started a
> process of automation of some elements of their service, as presented at
> various ICANN meetings, and we are trying to keep up with that but we are
> not introducing any agenda of our own.
> >
> > I think there is an unavoidable aspect that some details of the process
> need to be changed in order to be able to adequately measure state
> transitions that are relevant to the SLAs. For example, the reason we don’t
> have an accurate recording of state changes between IANA staff and
> customers is that it is not objectively clear when a customer has provided
> a response to an enquiry. In order to measure when the “IANA clock” starts
> to respond to a customer query, we need to constrain the ways the customer
> can submit such a query/response to a mechanism where it can always be
> tracked and timed (for example, lodged via a response form within the RZMS
> system).
> >
> >> Q:  How important is it that these elements are in place before
> transition?
> >>
> >> A:  The view of the DT-A team is that a full SLE/SLA needs to be in
> place by the start of the transition however IANA have noted that there are
> some pre-requisites that must be met before they can implement it.  These
> are:
> >>
> >> 1.  The current IT system needs to have features added to extract the
> required measurements.   This development can only begin once there is
> certainty that this transition is going ahead on this basis and IANA can
> only turn those changes on after transition given the nature of their
> agreement with the NTIA.  It should also be remembered that IANA will need
> to make a case for development resources to the ICANN executive team as
> IANA has no development resources of its own.
> >> 2.  IANA staff will need time to adapt to the changes in their working
> practices to implement this measurement.
> >
> > It is not clear to me what “be in place” means in this context. I think
> it is worth noting there is a possible interim path, the community and
> ICANN could agree tighter thresholds for the existing performance standards
> (i.e. from the existing IANA contract) in the short term, while the
> requisite software and process development to support the future model is
> being developed, tested and finalised.
> >
> > cheers,
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> > kim
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