[SLE Team] Names SLEs follow-up call (DT-A only) | 08 Aug 16 | Meeting Notes

Nathalie Vergnolle nathalie.vergnolle at icann.org
Mon Aug 8 23:00:56 UTC 2016

Dear all,

Please see below the meeting notes and chat history from today's Names SLEs follow-up call. The audio and AC room recordings are now posted at https://www.icann.org/stewardship-implementation under "Meetings & Work Sessions" section.

*** Meeting Notes ***
Names SLEs follow-up Call (DT-A)
Monday 08 August @ 20:00 UTC

Please note that this call will be recorded.
To mute or unmute your phone, press *6 (star 6).

Elaine Pruis
Elise Gerich
Jay Daley
Jeffrey Eckhaus
Kim Davies
Patricio Poblete
Paul Kane
Trang Nguyen
Nathalie Vergnolle

Jeff Neuman

Group reviewed SLAs.
Time for lodgment of change request into RZMS by ICANN staff on behalf of request sent by email - Cat I, II, III, IV, V : ≤ 3 days (95%) agreed to.

Cat II: There are no tech checks performed, and no root zone changes for this category. This is why several SLAs are n/a for this category (Tech check following submission, subsequent tech check,  Suppl Tech checks, Time to publish changes are n/a)

Cat IV - Time for 3rd party review: Group suggests 60 days, with no breach condition ("intentionally left blank"). To be further reviewed by the CSC.

All participants present approve the document as presented and discussed.

ACTION: Staff to finalize document with discussed elements.

ACTION: Paul to reach out to other DT-A participants to obtain approval.

ACTION: present document to CWG on Aug 11

Nathalie Vergnolle: Hi everyone!

Elaine Pruis: Hi Nathalie

Jeffrey Eckhaus: hello . i am on but do not hear anything . has the call begun?

Patricio Poblete: Hi everyone!

Jeffrey Eckhaus: hi. heard you . thanks

Jeffrey Eckhaus: was worried I had a bad connection

Nathalie Vergnolle: Waiting for Paul to get started

Nathalie Vergnolle: Participants have scrolling rights on the document being shared.

Jay Daley: Thanks.  Just spent two minutes trying to work out what was wrong with my headset!

Kim Davies: It is in the Excel spreadsheet

elise: Kim, is it correct to say that when the table calls out "technical checks", the table was describing the suite of technical checks for changes in the root zone?

Kim Davies: @elise: correct

elise: glad it is now marked as not applicable

Trang Nguyen: It's page 20

Trang Nguyen: We just finished discussions on page 19

Jay Daley: What page are we on?

Trang Nguyen: We are on page 22

elise: cannot hear Jay

Jeffrey Eckhaus: it is a little low

elise: better now, thank you

elise: sorry, but I could not hear the beginning of your comment, Jay

Jay Daley: Rather than empty can they please say "intentionally left blank"

Jay Daley: I agree

Jay Daley: Has Jeffrey dropped out?

Elaine Pruis: Thanks everyone

elise: thank you all - bye

Kim Davies: cheers


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