[ECAdmin] FOR YOUR ACTION: Sending of notice to ICANN Secretary to terminate Rejection Process

Stephen Deerhake sdeerhake at nic.as
Mon Jul 17 22:26:53 UTC 2017

Greetings Mary,


I was in the middle of drafting a letter to JJ when I received this from you.  I see you have attached some proposed language…


You should have something from me, on behalf of the Empowered Community Administration, within the hour.  We are in the midst of a large thunderstorm which may delay things a bit…


Best Regards,


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Subject: [ECAdmin] FOR YOUR ACTION: Sending of notice to ICANN Secretary to terminate Rejection Process


Dear members of the Empowered Community Administration,


This note is to inform you that, as of the end of the Rejection Action Petition Period (16 July 2017), we have not seen any indication of a petition submitted to any of the Decisional Participants to initiate the Rejection Process, outlined in Section 2.2 of Annex D of the ICANN Bylaws, in relation to the ICANN FY18 Budget & Operating Plan, IANA FY18 Budget, or the 5-year ICANN Operating Plan. As such, under Section 2.2(c)(ii) of Annex D, the Empowered Community Administration has twenty-four (24) hours to send a notice to the ICANN Secretary certifying that the Rejection Process has been terminated.


Attached please find a draft template notice for your consideration. The next step is for one of the five Administration members to send the notice to the ICANN Secretary. Please let us know if you require further assistance from staff in this matter.


Thank you.




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