[ECAdmin] ICANN 2021 NomCom Selected Nominees to ICANN Board of Directors

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Thanks Ozan. I have shared this with our SG/Cs for good measure this afternoon my time. Noting the bylaws dictated "promptly" and the somewhat straightforward question, I will say I reviewed the proposed texts and have no concern so that you may proceed in the timeline you see fit.

Best wishes,


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Dear Empowered Community Administration representatives,

You may have seen the notifications from the NomCom as to their appointments for Board seats 1, 2 and 3.

Under the ICANN Bylaws, Section 7.8(c), “At least two months before the commencement of each annual meeting, the Nominating Committee shall give the EC Administration (with a copy to the Decisional Participants and Secretary) written notice of its nomination of Directors for seats with terms beginning at the conclusion of the annual meeting, and the EC Administration shall promptly provide the Secretary (with a copy to the Decisional Participants) with written notice of the designation of those Directors. All such notices shall be posted promptly to the Website.”

Accordingly, the ECA support staff has prepared the attached draft designation letters for your review and consideration. Please respond to this list if you have any objections, concerns or changes; otherwise, staff will be happy to forward the notices on your behalf.

Best regards,
Ozan Sahin (on behalf of the staff supporting Empowered Community Administration)

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Subject: [ECAdmin] ICANN 2021 NomCom Selected Nominees to ICANN Board of Directors

Dear Empowered Community Administration,

Due diligence has been completed on all 2021 Nominating Committee selected nominees.

As per ICANN Bylaws, Article 7 Board of Directors, Section 7.8 (a)(i), it is my pleasure to inform you of the 2021 Nominating Committee selected nominees for the three ICANN Director positions.

The 2021 NomCom selected nominees to ICANN’s Board of Directors are:

ICANN Board of Directors:

  1.  Edmon Chung (Region: AP) – Seat #1
  2.  Danko Jevtović (Region: EUR) – Seat #2
  3.  Tripti Sinha (Region: NA) – Seat #3

Best regards,

Ole J. Jacobsen

Chair, 2021 Nominating Committee


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