[ECAdmin] ICANN 2021 NomCom Selected Nominees to ICANN Board of Directors

Ozan Sahin ozan.sahin at icann.org
Thu Aug 19 18:40:07 UTC 2021

Dear Ole,

I would like to acknowledge the receipt of your note below and inform you that the Empowered Community Administration has sent designation notices to ICANN Secretary regarding 2021 ICANN NomCom selected nominees to ICANN Board of Directors. Thank you!

Best regards,
Ozan Sahin (Empowered Community Administration support staff)

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Subject: [ECAdmin] ICANN 2021 NomCom Selected Nominees to ICANN Board of Directors

Dear Empowered Community Administration,

Due diligence has been completed on all 2021 Nominating Committee selected nominees.

As per ICANN Bylaws, Article 7 Board of Directors, Section 7.8 (a)(i), it is my pleasure to inform you of the 2021 Nominating Committee selected nominees for the three ICANN Director positions.

The 2021 NomCom selected nominees to ICANN’s Board of Directors are:

ICANN Board of Directors:

  1.  Edmon Chung (Region: AP) – Seat #1
  2.  Danko Jevtović (Region: EUR) – Seat #2
  3.  Tripti Sinha (Region: NA) – Seat #3

Best regards,

Ole J. Jacobsen

Chair, 2021 Nominating Committee

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