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Thu Jan 19 12:38:40 UTC 2012

Dear all:
So this must be understood as no chance of advancement FY13 budget for
And we must understand that we can only make our meeting in November 2013??
And where is the possibility of financial support for the GA with other
agencies such as LACNIC / LACIGF (plan B, mentioned in the list of
LACRALO)?? What we need to do to get this? or more would be a waste of time
without a response from ICANN as has been happening since before the meeting
in Cartagena?
 Sorry for not being as polite today! But really it is very tiring to be
correct and even NO get answers in time to inform our community.

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Dear all,

please find enclosed, the first working draft of a table showing a roadmap
of At-Large F2F funded GAs, Summits and other events. I'd like us to use
this tool to put funding requests in the wider scheme of our long term
requests for GAs and a future At-Large Summit. The table is proposed in
response to the request from ICANN Finance for this sub-Committee to put
together a multi-year forecast on how we envisage our future funding
requests in light of the At-Large Improvements recommendations and the
longer term strategic development of At-Large, including in-reach and

This is a working document & a draft so I look forward to discussing it with
you during the forthcoming conference calls.

Kind regards,


Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond, PhD

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