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Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Jun 21 00:25:03 UTC 2012

Dear ALAC Finance and Budget Sub-committee,

please find enclosed, a note of FY13 budget session in Prague.
I am aware that this clashes directly with the ALAC's work on Sunday and
I will therefore not be able to make it in person. Nor do I expect any
of our ALAC colleagues to join since we'll be in our own working session.
Tijani Ben Jemaa will represent the ALAC at both the Sunday and the
Wednesday sessions. In addition, if any of you are not able to make it
to Prague, it might be good that you follow the FY13 Sunday session
remotely to as to land Tijani a hand. I draw your attention that if this
is the case, you need to register by contacting Maya Reynolds
(maya.reynolds at icann.org)  for assistance by Friday, June 22.

Kind regards,


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When: Sunday, June 24, 2012 4:00 PM-5:30 PM. Central Europe Standard Time
Where: Hilton Prague - Palmovka/Rokoska Room


*ICANN Finance Open Session – FY13 Budget*

Date:Sunday, June 24

Time:4:00pm-5:30pm (Prague), 2:00pm-3:30pm (UTC), 7:00am-8:30am (PDT),
10:00am-11:30am (EDT)

Other Time Zone:


Location: Hilton Prague Hotel – Palmovka/Rokoska

Dear All,

I would like to build on the dialogue that has been started with several
community members on both the overall ICANN Budget Planning process and
continued discussion on the FY13 draft Budget and SO/AC requests, by
inviting you or a delegate from your community to participate with me in
2 sessions at the ICANN Public Meeting in Prague.

Due to the fact that the Board will be voting on the FY13 Budget on
Saturday June 23^rd ,  we decided to switch the days and times of our 2
originally scheduled sessions(Sunday and Wednesday), so that we can
address this with the community immediately the day after the vote.  

The Sunday 24 June session is now open to the public, with a need for SO
and AC leader support and engagement, in order to finalize discussion on
the public comments associated with the draft FY13 Operating Plan and
Budget, which includes the Additional Budget Requests for FY13 and how
that process worked from a community perspective this year. Please see
the attached agenda for more detail on the discussion we would like to
engage in with you on this topic. 

Please note that our Wednesday, June 27 Finance Budget Process Working
Session (Originally scheduled on Sunday at 4:00pm-5:30pm) is closed to
the public and invitation only.


I am aware that there are several community leaders working session
proposed for Prague, including a working group on the Strategic Planning
process and community discussion on Outreach, and appreciate your
efforts to provide coverage with a delegate at each of the valuable

*If you (or your delegates) plan to join the session remotely and need
an operator to dial-out, please contact  Maya Reynolds
(maya.reynolds at icann.org)  for assistance by Friday, June 22.*

I look forward to seeing you in Prague.


Xavier Calvez, CFO

ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

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