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Dear All,

Further to Wolf's email, please complete the attached Doodle poll to schedule the fist call next week.


This Doodle poll will close on Friday 11 February at 2200 UTC.

Thank you.
Kind regards

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Subject: [gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Drafting Team for New Standing Committee


Following my enthronement as chair of this Drafting Team ("SC-DT") at the last council meeting I'd like to call for a first meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Glen will send out a Doodle to fix a 1 hour slot and will provide you with the call details.

Some basic information regarding the establishment of the DT:

 *   So far we've the following subscriptions to the DT list:

Ray Fassett
Tatiana Kramtsova
Rudi van Snick
Avri Doria
Philip Sheppard
Mary Wong

 *   The respective council resolution outlines for the DT:

"...to draft a charter for a Standing Committee to track and coordinate implementation of those OSC, PPSC and work team recommendations already approved by the Council and adopted, as recommended by the Communications and Coordination Work Team in its final report of 9 April 2010,,,"

 *   Staff made a suggestion for DT start-up:

"it may be helpful to provide preliminary guidance concerning the purpose, scope, role, composition, etc., of the Standing Committee. For example, is it the Council's intention that the Standing Committee track/follow up on adopted GNSO Improvement recommendations or should its mandate also encompass operational issues arising from the implementation of the recommendations?

The GNSO Council could consider asking the DT, as its first task, to outline alternative approaches that a Standing Committee could take and submit them for Council review and discussion along with a recommendation. Following completion of that task, the Council could then select the most appropriate model, which would guide the DT's charter development work."

So "SC scoping" could be one major item to be discussed next week. I'll try to put some frame ideas in writing and share with you in advance in order to fuel the exchange.

Regarding the timing it would be great to have something presentable to the GNSO (council) in San Francisco which may be challenging.

Does it make sense to hold a F-to-F-meeting in SF? I've already asked Glen for a placeholder slot. But it depends on how many of us will be present. Pls. let me know your physical availability in SF.

Any ideas/comments in advance to the kick-off call next week would be welcome.

Best regards
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