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	Von: Knoben, Wolf-Ulrich 
	Gesendet: Freitag, 18. Februar 2011 16:30
	An: ntfy-gnso-improvem-impl-sc at icann.org
	Betreff: Standing Committee Drafting Team (SC-DT)


	Please find attached a short summary from the call on Tuesday.
As promised a first raw charter draft shall follow before the next call.




	Participants on the Call, Tuesday, 15 Feb, 13:00 - 14:00 UTC:

	Wolf-Ulrich Knoben - ISCPC

	Tatiana Khramtsova -  Registrar Stakeholder Group

	Avri Doria - Non Commercial Stakeholder Group 

	Philip Sheppard - CBUC 


	ICANN Staff:

	Glen de Saint Gery

	Marika Konings

	Gisella Gruber-White

	Julie Hedlund


	Absent apologies:

	Ray Fassett - Registries Stakeholder Group

	Mary Wong - NCUC

	Rudi Vanscnick - At-Large



	Agenda and related summary


	1. Clarifying the DT mandate


	*         DT should draft a charter for a Standing Committee and
present it to the Council for approval. The term "standing" seems
appropriate rather than "steering" since underlining the

	*         Reactive character of the SC (mainly) with tasks
related to subsequent review of improvements that have been implemented
from the PPSC and OSC (adopted by the council) and that presents any
problems. Shifting the items in question to the new SC after having
finished the related document/process by the PPSC/OSC and approved by
the council. SC should pick up issues after the group concerned (WG,
council etc.) has gained some experience with the process implemented.
Periodic (preventive) reviews may also be useful to have.

	*         It should be acknowledged that PPSC and OSC still have
to finish tasks (maybe on different timescale) whereas the new SC should
start working on items already finished (s.a.). Expiry of PPSC/OSC
charters in June 2011 is obviously not acceptable.

	*         The new SC should do the work by itself, not just
identify the issues and "manage" them.


	2. SC charter draft


	*         W.-U. Knoben shall come up with a first draft on the
basis of this discussion

	*         Membership should be of broad participation of all
constituencies/SGs. Council members should not be excluded. Call for
membership as usual. Open question, whether a council member should
chair the new SC. Built in a mechanism to the charter in order that
members are being reconfirmed by their respective constituencies/SGs
after a certain period.


	3. Timing


	*         Present a status report in SF. Motion deadline for SF
is Feb 21 which is too early for a draft charter ready to go.


	4. DT chair

	*         Since there was no objection W.-U. Knoben shall
continue to chair this Drafting Team


	5. Next call


	*         Monday, 12 Feb, 13:00 UTC            


	Best regards 

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