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The following is a short summary of the 1st SCI meeting:

Time: 01 June, 18:00 - 19:00 UTC

1. Statements of Interest (SOI): it was agreed to use the online process
recently developed by staff. Julie will inform the team once the wiki
access rights are established.

2. Team organization: the WG guidelines recommend that a liaison to the
chartering organisation (GNSO council) may be established which plays a
"neutral" role. It was discussed whether this role could be taken by the
SCI chair or another member in order to avoid potential conflict of

It was suggested to establish an informal link to the Board Structural
Improvements Committee (SIC) which oversees the entire ICANN
improvements activities. The chair shall contact the SIC once the
working program is set up.

3. Chair / ViceChair election

3 candidates for either position: Avri, Philip, Wolf-Ulrich
It was agreed to vote by E-Mail

Note: An election process proposal was separately sent out for comments.

4. Regarding the working program the following points were made:

- What and where are the trigger points for bringing the team to
- Voices were raised in favour of working in a reactive manner
- a standardized way to "raise an issue" with respect to the rec's in
scope should be established
- conversation with WGs having finished their work should be carried out
to find out benefits and malfunctions in the related processes
- more detailed implementation status of the rec's in scope required
- Chair and VC once elected should come up with a proposal for the work

The next meeting will take place at the ICANN meeting in Singapore.

Kind regards
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