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Hi Marika,
you're right that there might be potential for different interpretation regarding the member structure as set in the charter which I'm convinced was never intended. In my understanding the term "SG" relates to the CPH structure and the term "constituency" to the NCPH. Membership is voluntary. E.g. the IPC did not yet join the team. This means that at present
- members (primes + alternates) are counted for voting: 2 RySG, 2 RrSG, 2 NCUC, 2 BC, 2 ISPCP, 1 NCA; 11 in total
- theoretically 2 IPC, 1 NCA-alternate could be added; then 14 in total
We should clarify if there are different opinions.
It was the common understanding of the team to hold the chair/VC election immediately. I think there is no need to wait for other groups who had already the opportunity to join. Nevertheless it's open to them to join the team at a time they prefer.
Kind regards
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Von: Marika Konings [mailto:marika.konings at icann.org] 
Gesendet: Montag, 6. Juni 2011 09:28
An: Knoben, Wolf-Ulrich
Cc: Glen de Saint Géry
Betreff: CSG membership in SCI

	Hi Wolf,

	Although I think it was the intend of the SCI drafting team to give each SG in the contracted party house and each constituency in the non-contracted party house a member on the SCI, the language as written says '1 representative from each constituency/SG'. As the NCSG has a representative, in addition to the NCUC, I presume that the same option is available to the CSG should it choose to do so. Has this been considered? Or alternatively, the SCI might need to clarify the intend of the language as it would give the non-contracted party house 6 members vs. 2 of the contracted party house, although at the same time the SCI is not a reflection of the Council structure.

	Also, I've asked Glen to send another reminder to the IPC in relation to their representatives on the SCI. Would it make sense to extend the timeline for the Chair / vice-Chair vote until the membership of the SCI is complete (or at least an indication of whether additional members are expected or not)?

	With best regards,


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