[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] SCI call today

KnobenW at telekom.de KnobenW at telekom.de
Thu Apr 19 16:16:35 UTC 2012


today`s call is planned for 1 hour. It may be advisable to start with structuring our work due to the various items having been loaded on our shoulders.

- agenda item 3 (Consent agenda): I didn't hear anything from J. Scott, I hope he's doing well. If he cannot attend the call the group should decide how to proceed.
- item 4 (motion deferral): I suggest that we start with a small presentation of the information staff provided
- item 5 (Threshold rules needed for delaying a PDP): I wonder if we shouldn't start providing information about the various phases of a PDP and then discuss the implications of a potential delay during those phases. Maybe we have to differentiate depending on the status of a PDP.
- in addition we should talk about the necessary alignment of the voting thresholds laid down in the GNSO Operating Procedures with those in the bylaws and the PDP
- item 6: an introduction to the present status shall be given by staff

Looking forward to speak to you later

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