[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Proposed language to address suspending a PDP

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Sorry to chime in so late. I’ve lost complete control of email and am just now catching back up.

I agree with what James has said below with Marika’s clarification that this discussion is about suspending a PDP and not about terminating a PDP.


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Not speaking for Krista or other registrars, but as an individual.

I think it makes sense to have _some_ mechanism for the council (or "Chartering Organization", if it is the Board or someone else) to shut off a PDP that is already underway.  But I have concerns about how this mechanism could be used/misused.

Also, our criteria must be defined as air-tight as possible:

"Lack of Participation" should be defined in terms of a percentage of meetings / teleconferences that failed to reach quorum, or lack of volunteer members, or absence of traffic on the mailing list.
"No Longer Necessary"  not sure who makes this determination.  The constituencies / SGs / councilors / organization that originated the PDP should be involved, at a minimum.
"Deadlock"  Pretty much every PDP has hit this point on some issue or another.

I think all definitions should be as narrow as possible, and the voting threshhold to kill a PDP should be high (supermajority?).



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Dear All,

Following on from the last meeting, please find hereby the proposed language to be added to the PDP Manual to address suspending a PDP after initiation:

The GNSO Council may terminate or suspend* a PDP prior to the publication of a Final Report only for significant cause, upon a motion that passes with a Supermajority Vote in favour of termination or suspension. The following are illustrative examples of possible reasons for a premature termination or suspension of a PDP:
1. Deadlock. The PDP Team is hopelessly deadlocked and unable to identify recommendations or statements that have either the strong support or a consensus of its members despite significant time and resources being dedicated to the PDP;
2. Changing Circumstances. Events have occurred since the initiation of the PDP that have rendered the PDP moot, or no longer necessary, or warranting a suspension; or
3. Lack of Community Volunteers. Despite several calls for participation, the work of the PDP Team is significantly impaired and unable to effectively conclude its deliberations due to lack of volunteer participation.
* Suspension is a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of the PDP, i.e. all activities are halted upon a decision of the GNSO Council until further notice.
This would be a modification of the current language of section 15 of the PDP manual (modified language in bold).

Looking forward to receiving your feedback.

With best regards,

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