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Wed Feb 22 23:48:05 UTC 2012

Dear SCI members,

after a phase of silent months it's now the right moment to put some items to the table which need input and recommendations from this committee.

1.    Rules of procedure (http://gnso.icann.org/council/gnso-operating-procedures-16dec11-en.pdf)
The GNSO council had a successful first run trial re a consent agenda which should be put in a formal process. One rugh suggestion for this is as follows:

1. The Chair or meeting leader calls for any opposition to said item being in the consent agenda. If any opposition is voiced, then that item is dropped from the consent agenda (and can be re-introduced at any time in the main agenda).

2. If no opposition is voiced to the item being on the consent agenda, the Chair or meeting leader calls for any opposition to the item itself. If any opposition is voiced, then no action is taken (and the item can be re-introduced at any time in the main agenda).

3. If no opposition, the consent agenda item is deemed approved by theGNSO Council.

Obviously we need to discuss this in more detail, e.g. the goal of a consent agenda, which items could be included to a consent agenda and which should definitely be excluded e.a. It seems to make sense to include the text - once recommended - into chapter 3.0 of the rules "GNSO Council Meetings".

2.    As discussed in Dakar, it might be worth sending out a reminder to the GNSO Council and SG/C leaders regarding the mandate of the SCI and the opportunity that exists to request review of GNSO Improvement related items. To this end, thanks to Marika the attached draft letter has been prepared for your consideration. Please feel free to comment.

3.    Furthermore, in order to obtain feedback from WGs/DT on their experience with the GNSO Working Group Guidelines - as it is intended in the SCI charter - , it might be useful to develop a short survey which could facilitate data gathering and input. In order to kick off the discussion here are some bullet points:

 *   The objective of the survey would be to determine whether there are any issues that were encountered by WG/Dts with the GNSO Working Group Guidelines, and/or identify areas for improvement
 *   If deemed effective, such a survey could become a standard part of the self-evaluation process of WGs and provide the SCI with regular input on the status of the GNSO Working Group Guidelines

Ideas for items to be included in the survey are welcome!

I appreciate very much your response and hope to see most of you in Costa Rica.

Kind regards

Wolf-Ulrich Knoben
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