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Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Jul 12 20:14:12 UTC 2012

Some notes from the meeting. Please add/correct etc.


On 10 Jul 2012, at 15:55, Marika Konings wrote:

> Proposed Agenda – SCI Meeting – 12 July 2012
> 1. Roll call
> 2. Statement of Interests
> 3. Approval of the agenda
> 4. Status update on community review
>   -  consent agenda & the GNSO Council Voting Results

Julie took us through the open review.  As there are no comments yet, we moved on to the next item

> 5. Continuing discussion (and suggested solutions) on
>       - Proxy Voting Procedure
>         Proposed: no change to procedure, request new method for
>                             notification of both Secretariat and Council

Seems to be general agreement to talking to staff about making the process less labor intensive for the secretariat and to allow for notification up to the beginning of the meeting.  There does not seem to be any agreement for changing the rules at this time.

>       - Deferral of Motions
>         Update on team work

There was a discussion of the work in the wiki pages.  As a possible solution might involve crafting some definitions to mark the difference between a delay or change to the chartered timeline and an indefinite delay or suspension,  Margie offered that she and Marika will look into suggesting some language.

>       - Voting Thresholds for Delaying a PDP
>         Update on Team Work

We need to first resolve the  question: do we want to leave it as a process and monitor for a year or to formalize a rule?  A question that was asked during the meeting was if we decide to leave it as a process and monitor for the next year, what would we be monitoring, and what would mark significant data.  After this discussion, and if the group decides to formalize, we need to have further discussions on how to do so - there are lots of variations currently proposed.

Those who support leaving it as and monitoring are asked to add information of what would be monitored and the significance of that monitoring.

> 6. Raising an issue -
>      Has this been sufficiently clarified - currently needs to come from
>      g-council or from a WG

It became apparent that the issue had not been sufficiently clarified.  While we seem to agree on the interpretation of our charter that issues get to the SCI in the following way:

1. the g-council sent the issue
2. a WG brought the issue
3. an issue came up during a periodic review by the SCI of a process.

What remains a question, however:

- Was this intent of the council in creating the charter
- Does it make sense that WG can come directly to SCI when SGs & Cs can't.  
- What does it mean if the g-council objects to review of an item one SG/C thinks is a problem
- Does it make sense that as manager of the policy process, the g-council does not have to approve both SG/C issues and WG issues before they are discussed in SCI

Mary, with the assistance of J. Scott will create a draft letter to the g-council with these and perhaps other questions to be reviewed at the next meting.

> 7. Status update on Working Group survey

SCI members to review before the next meeting.

> 8. AOB

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