[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] SCI Adobe Connect Chat 31 May 2012

Glen de Saint Géry Glen at icann.org
Fri Jun 1 22:19:43 UTC 2012

Ron A: @Anne +1

avri: i am prettu sre threshhold changes would require Board approval

avri: .... rather sure ...

Marika Konings: Yes, I believe so to as all voting thresholds (that are not simple majority) are listed in the Bylaws

Mary Wong: @Avri, they would be Bylaw changes, right? e.g. to Annex A; and so would need Board approval after Council approval?

Marika Konings: It is actually not in Annex A but in the section on the GNSO

Marika Konings: Article X, section 3(9)

Mary Wong: Oh, right - sorry! Article X ... ?

avri: and that also means ammending.

Marika Konings: Which would also mean it would need to go through the different rounds of public comment

avri: can someone put the wiki address on the adobe

Marika Konings: https://community.icann.org/display/gnsosci/Home

avri: thanks

Angie Graves: Thank you, Ron.  Agreed.

Ron A: Thank you, Angie.

Ron A: And Krista...

Alain Berranger, NPOC: Apologies for leaving call early...have another ICANN call in a few minutes... Ciao

Ron A: +1 Avri

Mary Wong: +2 Avri

avri: Marica: good point, thanks

avri: I mean Marika: ...

Ron A: Sounds like we do need to codify somethng here

avri: maybe so

avri: we might need to put conseny agenda on first next time. as a consent agenda item to accept the language.

Ron A: FYI Anne, this is based on JSE's draft

avri: I am going to take ity back to the SG.  if they suggest commentds i will bring them forward.

avri: i do not really accept a prohibition on forther editting.

Ron A: not prohibition avri, rather a reminder to the sci that we have discussed in detail on thus and such a date

Ron A: i may miss prague

Anne Aikman-Scalese: Prefer to participate remotely at meeting in Prague

Mary Wong: Anne, Ron - what's the time diff btwn where u are and Prague?

avri: i am at EuroDIG those 3 days and can't at all

Ron A: nyc for me; must be 6 hours

avri: we can do stuff on the list.

avri: Chair can do concensus calls on line, we have epxereince with them.

Ron A: Agree we should finish  any thing  we can and report back to GNSO in prague

avri: we agree Ron, but i don't think we ned a call.

Ron A: i'm easy eithre way A

avri: i can't make one in any case.

Mary Wong: Yeah I can't do a call from June 13-15

avri: i am not optimistic about completing deferral of motions in time. - we are not close to consensus.

Krista Papac: i cannot meet on the 15th

Mary Wong: Neither can I

Mary Wong: Bye everyone

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GNSO Secretariat
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