[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] SCI meeting agenda

Krista Papac Krista.Papac at ausregistry.com
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It makes sense to me, Avri, that the ALAC would use its Council liaison to bring an issue to the SCI.

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Assuming none of the SG/Cs wish to take up the issue as their own (I have not consulted with mine yet), another possibility is that ALAC, using its liaison status with the g-council, bring up the issue of SOI (CoI) with the g-council itself. The g-council could then send the issue to the SCI, ignore it, or find some other approach. Alternatively, ALAC could request an issues report on the subject of SOI/CoI in GNSO policy making etc.

One thing the GNSO should probably avoid, especially during this time of ICANN introspection concerning conflicts of interest, is ignoring the issue.

But I agree we should handle this within the rules established by our charter.


Krista Papac <Krista.Papac at ausregistry.com> wrote:

>My initial reaction is we should stick with what's in the Charter and 
>take requests from the GNSO Council or a group chartered by the GNSO 
>Krista Papac
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>The charter reads:
><<For items that are submitted for review 'on request', the SCI expects 
>to receive detailed input from the group affected by the 
>process/operational change concerned. Such requests can be made by 
>either the GNSO Council or a group chartered by the GNSO Council.>>
>Request from individuals is not included.
>Best regards
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>Betreff: RE: [gnso-improvem-impl-sc] SCI meeting agenda Does the 
>charter not define where the issues come from?  I would think it would 
>have to be limited by the charter.
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>Subject: AW: [gnso-improvem-impl-sc] SCI meeting agenda Personally my 
>first reaction would be: we should handle it practically and with 
>flexibility. Don't start amending the rules unless it is imperative.
>Flexibility could mean that the SCI
>- for a certain period of time (eg 1 year) monitors how many issues are 
>raised by individuals/groups not covered by the charter. In case it 
>exceeds a certain volume of requests (depending on the workload) the 
>SCI may strictly return to the rules as written and not accept further 
>requests from outside
>- for the a.m. period of time the SCI may discuss all issues raised and 
>make recommendations/suggestions re the issues in scope
>- re Evan's SOI related issue I recall - if I'm right - that he was 
>questioning the sense of some of the points asked for in the SOI. I 
>think we should first find out whether his issue was more ALAC specific 
>than relevant to the GNSO
>What do others mean?
>Best regards
>Von: Marika Konings [mailto:marika.konings at icann.org]
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>An: Avri Doria; Knoben, Wolf-Ulrich
>Betreff: FW: [gnso-improvem-impl-sc] SCI meeting agenda Hi Wolf, Avri,
>Under AOB, you might also want to cover the update to the GNSO Council 
>which is scheduled for Prague. In addition to getting clarification on 
>who should be responsible for putting out SCI recommendations for 
>public comments (also of relevance in relation to the item on consensus 
>items), there is also this issue with regard to who may raise issues 
>with the SCI. As you may recall, Evan Leibovitch raised a suggestion 
>with regard to the SOI. There may be other questions / suggestions that 
>individuals may make in the future relating to GNSO Improvements 
>topics. However, the SCI charter says 'requests can be made by either 
>the GNSO Council or a group chartered by the GNSO Council'. Should 
>individual requests be directed to the GNSO Council for referral, or 
>should there be another mechanism? It might be good to get 
>clarification on this as well so it can be made clear to those that 
>have proposals / questions.
>With best regards,
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>Subject: [gnso-improvem-impl-sc] SCI meeting agenda
>this is the suggested agenda for the SCI call on Monday June 18, 13:00
>- Roll call
>- Statement of Interests
>- Approval of the agenda
>- Background information (and suggested solutions) on
>        - Deferral of Motions
>        - Proxy Voting Procedure
>        - Voting Thresholds for Delaying a PDP
>- Consensus items: GNSO Council Voting Results Table, Consent Agenda
>- AOB: next meeting, F2F in Prague?
>Best regards
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