[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Suspension or Termination of a PDP

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Hi everyone, 

The "Resubmitting a Motion" sub-team plans to do a call either at the end of this week or early next to discuss our "homework", so we won't be reporting tomorrow. As such, perhaps the 10 minutes allocated to our agenda item can be used for other items requiring discussion. 


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RE: [gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Suspension or Termination of a PDP 

Thank you, J Scott and Julie for posting all of the documentation in advance of our call tomorrow. 
I look forward to speaking with everyone tomorrow afternoon. 
Kind regards, 

Ronald N. Andruff 
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Dear All:  


I have attached the latest revisions to the Termination or Suspension of a PDP.  During our last call, we agreed to add two minor changes: 


1.  I have added the term Suspension to the heading as suggested by Wolf-Ulrich; and 


2.  I have added language to the first sentence to clarify that a report on termination is only require if the termination occurs BEFORE the issuance of a final report. 


With these two minor changes, I think this language is in good shape for consensus. 


Sorry for the delay in getting this circulated. 


J. Scott 


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