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Julie Hedlund julie.hedlund at icann.org
Thu Feb 21 18:24:03 UTC 2013


Just a reminder that before this can go to the Council it will need to go out for public comment because the revisions are substantial.  It is helpful to know whether all agree that this version is the one we want to send out for comment, and then the next steps are as follows:

1.  30-day comment period in the public forum
2.  Reply period (only if necessary)
3.  Analysis and consideration of comments (if any)
4.  Revisions resulting from comments (if necessary)
5.  Final version to Council for approval

Best regards,


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Subject: RE: CONCENSUS on Revised Suspension - Termination of a PDP

Dear Committee Members,

Julie sent out the revised language on the Termination and Suspension with attachments this morning and the link to the doc (on our wiki) is noted below for easy reference.

It appears that we have this matter ready to go back to the GNSO Council, but before sending it over we need the other constituencies (primary or secondary member) to confirm your agreement so that we have consensus.  At this point it has IPC and BC support.

Thank you all for your prompt attention to this matter.

Kind regards,


Ronald N. Andruff
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Subject: [gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Revised Suspension - Termination of a PDP

Dear SCI members,

Per our discussion on yesterday's call, attached for your review (in Word and PDF) is the revised text of the section on termination and suspension of a PDP with all previous edits accepted.  I have included, as the only redline, the one change suggested by Anne in the meeting.  The revised document is attached and also posted on the 06 March meeting page under the heading "For Review" at https://community.icann.org/display/gnsosci/06+March+2013.

Best regards,


Julie Hedlund, Policy Director
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