[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Charter revision what is our goal?

Mike O'Connor mike at haven2.com
Sat Jun 8 00:10:52 UTC 2013

uh oh.  this thread is splitting into separate ones.   so i'll just whack the whole thing and start with a blank slate.

this is really helpful discussion.  i like Ray's historical perspective, Anne's points about the work that's in front of us and how it got there and Marika's recap of the task at hand.

part of the reason i asked the question in the first place is because while i understand (and relate strongly to) the "suspension of a PDP" topic, i found our "resubmission of a motion" work a little more of a stretch from a scope standpoint. 

i'm wondering whether we took that second one on just because we were asked -- and, in a perfect world, whether it might have been a good idea to push back on that one a bit.

what's emerging from this for me is this -- if we're a temporary thing that's aimed at dealing with problems arising from the implementations of the GNSO review we need to get clearer on what's in and outside of that remit and how things get submitted to us for review.  we also need make sure that we don't become a standing GNSO rules committee by accident.  


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