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Fri Oct 18 15:50:09 UTC 2013

Thank you, Julie. That clarifies the matter.

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Ron Andruff

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In order for the motion to be on the table for the meeting on the 31st it must be submitted by Monday the 21st.  This does not preclude, however, the Council from having the discussion on the methodology at the meeting on the 31st.  It just means that if the Council agrees on the methodology in its discussion on the 31st it will also be able to approve the charter (revised or not) also during that meeting.  The Charter can be revised (if necessary) following that discussion and submitted for approval during the same meeting.  

If the motion is not submitted by the motion deadline then the Council would not be able to approve the charter on the 31st, but would have to wait until the next meeting (Buenos Aires) to do so.

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From: Ron Andruff <randruff at rnapartners.com>
Date: Friday, October 18, 2013 10:51 AM
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Thank you, Julie, Wolf-Ulrich,
Having reviewed the motion, it appears to be in order with one caveat; I believe that it is imperative that the GNSO Council come to a final determination on the decision-making methodology before the motion is introduced.  That may well be the intention and your understanding, but I did want to flag that for clarity.  No point in voting on a ‘half-baked cake’, as it were.
The SCI looks forward to hearing the outcome of the Council October 31st meeting.
Kind regards,
Ron Andruff
RNA Partners
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Dear Ron and SCI members,
Wolf-Ulrich has agreed to submit the attached motion for consideration by the Council at its meeting on 31 October for approval of the charter.  At its meeting the Council also will discuss the decision-making methodology, so it is possible that the Council may revise the charter prior to its approval.  I will update you on 31 October as to the outcome of the discussion, and whether the charter is revised and/or
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